Introducing AdsINR.

Online network of advertisers and publishers.

  • Enhanced Audience Targeting can help you reach your right audience
  • Multi-Screen solutions can help you deliver a richer, more relevant ads
  • Promote your business with our hassle free Ad service
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Adsinr is an online network of advertisers and publishers. Provide advertising solutions for advertisers of all sizes and revenue for any website/blog owner who wish to providing space for publishing ads.

Geo Targeting

All ads will be targeted worldwide. But advertisers can target their ads to specific geographical locations.

Language Targeting

Advertisers can specify target languages for their ads. Their ads will be displayed only in adunits matching their language.

WAP Targeting

Support for WAP targeted text,banner and catalog ads. Reach your customers, whichever device they’re on.

Advanced Statistics

AdsINR captures clicks and impressions related information and build advanced graphical statistics for each ad unit.

Revenue Booster

Publisher referral is a revenue booster system to increase your earnings for referring new publishers.


Using XML API you get the ads in XML format and display them in a customized format of your preference.

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With all the possibilities and tools that AdsINR offers, you’re naturally going to have a few questions. Here are some of the most common ones we hear, with some general tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your online advertising.

What is Adsinr advertiser program?

Adsinr advertiser program allows advertisers to create their text/banner pay per click ads and advertise it in our network and partner websites.Adsinr gives you complete control on your ads and your expenditure on each and every ad.

What is Adsinr publisher program?

Adsinr publisher program is an advertising partnership program that will let publishers display ads in their websites and will get paid for all legitimate clicks on ads. Publishers are free to join the system and can start displaying ads on their websites immediately.

How Adsinr ensures the quality of clicks?

Each and every click you are getting for your ads are gone through so many verification procedures and it will be counted only if it is identified as a legitimate click. Our fraudulent click tracking system is well capable of identifying all invalid/repeated clicks as well as fraudulent publisher clicks.

How flexible are the ad display formats?

Ad formats are pretty simple to manage and you can create your ad block code yourself. You may decide how many text ads you would like to show as well as the banner ad formats.